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Case studies

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Biology class, 8th grade: “ Transmission of the Genetic Material”


Equipment needed: computer and projector, laptops, tablets or printed handouts

The activity involved 17 students and took about 50 minutes.

Learning outcomes:

- to define genetic material transmission material vocabulary words

- to define mitosis/cell division

- to draw out the cell cycle and the life cycle

- to explain the function of chromosomes

- to explain the students the role of gametes and fertilization in genetic determination a gender

- to write the stages of fertilization process

- use worldwall resources to better set the information for students

Linguistic outcomes:

– improve listening/speaking/interaction skills

– translate words connected with the topic from English into their mother tongue

– understand English speeches, produced by native and non-native speakers

– read English texts fluently

– distinguish the language needed to carry out activities

– enrich scientific vocabulary

– give opinions and pieces of advice

– produce clear and coherent texts in English

Areas of improvement: Students need to be encouraged to practice their English. Students with less mastery of English can feel they are left out or can have trouble following the lesson. The teacher should strive to engage with the whole class, let the students express themselves even if they make mistakes. It can go as far away as allowing students to share their thoughts in their native language and then translate them in English. It is important to have a casual and open atmosphere during class and bridge the teacher student gap.