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Case studies

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Democracy and Human Rights


Duration and participants: 5 sessions, 30 students


- Brainstorming about democracy and human rights, etc.

- Research about democracy and human rights, historical and current facts, human rights violations all over the world.

- Preparation of the kahoot game, report and the power point presentations.

- Presentation of the research in class.

- Role play situations about human rights violations.

- Playing Kahoot.

- School trip to Cadiz, city where the first constitution was signed.

- Creation of posters representing everything learnt throughout the project.

Results achieved:

Students have learnt a lot about the topics of this project, they have worked in cooperation putting into practice some of the main ideas of democracy, they have had to learn about how to manage different situations, and they become aware of the fact that the situation in many other countries is not as “lucky” so to say as the one we enjoy in our country. Thanks to the videos, powerpoint presentation and posters, the rest of the school has also learnt about the topic.

Other aspects to consider:

It has been beneficial for all of them because they have been working in a way that can be useful for other projects they have to carry out in the future, and about topics that will benefit their whole life.