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Francophonic Theatre



After school, the school has a French-language theatre group called the Francophonic club. During the theatre session, the pupils and the theatre director put on a play in French, e.g. one of the plays is "The Shoeless Cat". French is also integrated in the music lessons, so that the play includes not only dialogue but also songs and dances, thus bringing together pupils of different abilities. The performance is not only performed in the school environment, but also at festivals in the country and in France, when students from different countries come and present their performances in French.

Language, music, dance and theatre classes for middle school students.

Maximum number of students: 10-30

Equipment needed:

• theatre space

• costumes

• travel expenses for participation in festivals


• memorisation of text of various complexity and length, and the ability to present it theatrically

• acting lessons

• dance lessons

• performing acting

Results achieved:

• combining theoretical and practical knowledge

• get out and see the world

• to get rid of shyness by expressing oneself through acting and using a foreign language


• not all pupils are willing to express themselves through acting

• most of the production takes place after school

• it is a long-term project

• costumes and scenery cost money for quality

• travel costs, but there are no costs for doing it entirely in your school

Areas of improvement:

• the school could organise theatre evenings at the end of the school year, where all classes perform small plays