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Project Management

This section presents the main information about the BiMo. project.
In today's society, the learning and mastery of a foreign language is recognized as a necessary and indispensable skill for the new generations. The BiMo project delves into the situation and the needs of the main stakeholders involved in bilingual programmes.

The objective of the BiMo project is, with the help of secondary school headmasters and teachers, to deepen the views, impressions and needs of the parents in monolingual societies with implemented bilingual education programmes, and to establish synergies from societies with greater experience in everyday bilingualism and bilingual education programmes in a foreign language.

Target Groups
The project is addressed to:
  • School teachers
  • Students
  • Parents

Expected Results
The main project deliverables include:
  • 3 MOOCs addressed to headmasters, CLIL teachers and families
  • A Policy Recommendation Book
  • A collection of case studies of exemplary best practices