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The Connected for Health project was presented in a number of events in order to report about the activities carried out and the results achieved.
BiMo Seminar

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Date of the Conference


Place of the Conference

Madrid, Spain


The type of participants was varied, a good number of them being university teachers involved in bilingualism and bilingual programmes not only in Spain but also abroad, and also students. Some were also school headteachers, or teachers at EOIs (Escuelas Oficiales de Idiomas).

It also included the President of the Spanish Bilingual Teaching Association. He has been responsible for the implementation of the Bilingual Program in Primary and Secondary Education in the Region of Madrid, as well as for the language assistants’ program and the specific in-training courses for teachers working in bilingual schools.

The programme was divided into two parts. The first part of the programme consisted of two talks by the experts on bilingual programmes implementation in Spain. Xavier Gisbert’s talk was entitled “Bilingual education in Spain: the effects of the bilingual programmes on learning outcomes”. Mark Levy’s talk was entitled ·Supporting teachers in Bilingual education programmes: Are we getting it right?”

The second part of the seminar included talks by the three members of the BiMo project at UNED, namely, Inmaculada Senra Silva, Diego Ardura and Rubén Chacón Beltrán.

The conclusions achieved after the seminar were several. First, the need and interest of participants to get to know the BiMo project and its results. Second, it confirmed that fact that teachers, parents and headteachers need more resources. Content teachers need more training to improve their classroom methodology; parents need to know what enrolling their kids in bilingual schools entail; headteachers need more tools to help families and to better implement the bilingual programme in their school. We also got to the conclusion that all stakeholders need a forum where to discuss these topics and the BiMo seminar was a good one. 

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