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eTwinning Project: Secrets of the Ocean


Introduction: The aim of this project was to work on the contents of the subject Biology with students of other countries in Spanish, French and English. The project was conducted on the Etwinning platform and was awarded national and international quality labels. Besides the curricular objectives, students also worked on their interpersonal communicative skills, ICT and other important transversal competences.

Duration: One school year

Age and number of students: 12-13 year-old students (we carried out the activity with 3 classes of around 20 students each). They collaborated with students of Portugal, Greece, France, Turkey and Italy of the same age.

Some of the activities included:

- Students created videos and presentations to introduce themselves.

- Students created logos and slogans for the project. They voted to choose the one for the project.

- Students shared photos connected with climate change and voted for the best ones.

- Students shared information about the biodiversity of their regions and shared with other students.

- Students created a new animal based on the characteristics explained in class and shared the results with the rest of the countries.

Apart from these, students participated in the forums and talked with students from other countries regularly. Some face to face meetings were also held.

Results achieved: Students were able to work with the languages (English , French and Spanish) and the contents of the subject of Biology (for example the characteristics of vertebrates and invertebrates). Moreover, students worked with ICT (different APPS) and communicated with students of other countries.

Challenges and how they were addressed: Time management has probably been the biggest difficulty we faced. There were many students involved in the project and that has somehow turned it difficult to develop whole tasks as we would like.

Strengths and areas of improvement:

Teachers: close collaboration between different departments (English, French, Biology, Counselling).

Students: development of critical thinking, creativity, interpersonal communication skills and autonomy.

Areas of improvement: time management and teacher coordination.