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Case studies

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The Antarctic Campaign


Duration and participants: 4 sessions, 32 students


- Brainstorming about the Antarctic, environment, climate change, etc.

- Research about the Antarctic and the environmental problems that we are suffering, etc

- Preparation of questions for the video call with scientists in the Antarctic

- Video call with scientists

- Presentation of conclusions about the Antarctic campaign

Results achieved:

Students knew about the Antarctic campaign, about the importance of taking care of our environment for the future of our planet and for their own future. It was good for them to know that there are people working on things that thay might not have thought about before. At the same time, they used the foreign language to communicate among themselves and with the scientists, so they became conscious of the importance of having good communicative skills in a foreign language. Some of them even decided to get involved in different associations to offer their help after their participation in this project.

Other aspects to consider:

At the beginning they had to overcome some obstacles, especially the fact of using the foreign language to communicate everything they wanted to say, but they found the topic so interesting that soon they got used to it. They did other kinds of projects related to the environment suggested by the students themselves after this one.