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Mechatronics and mechanical systems - High School CLIL activity


The CLIL activity conducted during the 5th year of the Mechatronics and mechanical systems specialization involved 24 students during the 2nd period for a total of 5 lessons and 10 hours. Some of the topics covered:

non-destructive controls within the mechanical technology

non-destructive control of various kinds, from penetrating liquids to ultrasounds to magnetic ones.

show and analize entire 15 minutes each from English speaking technicians

show and analize entire 15 minutes each from American speaking technicians

show and analize entire 15 minutes each from not English speaking technicians

debate on the different pronunciation between those who are native speakers, but English-speaking and English, and those who are native speakers, but American.

The aim of the activity:

Learn specific mechanics topics in English, through different forms of pronunciation.

The students had the opportunity to improve their learning of specific terminology in L2 English. The students have also developed good interdisciplinary knowledge and skills, have acquired an intercultural vision as well as have improved general competence in L2 English language by developing good oral communication skills. In the students who took the CLIL module to the state exam these improvements were highlighted and very appreciated.

The strength of this experience was to increase the mastery of the subject in the students and to have brought their linguistic ability to a higher level.