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Case studies

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Non a Rose Way


Duration and participants:

sessions, 30 students


- Brainstorming about immigration.

- Research about immigration, official data, statistics.

- Survey to other students, families and public in general about immigration issues.

- Video interviews to immigrants, testimonies.

- Workshop with an NGO (Cardijn) which helps underaged immigrants.

- Powerpoint presentations in class presenting all the information.

- Analysis of fake news.

Results achieved:

Students have learnt a lot about the topics of this project, they have worked in cooperation and they have become aware of the fact that the situation for many people is really difficult to the point of risking their life to come to Spain. They have met young people like them who have come to our country this way, and some of they even cried while listening to their testimonies. This project has been a life changing experience.

Other aspects to consider:

At the beginning, we had to confront many prejudices against immigrants, and many fake news and beliefs.